Thai Cuisine

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Poh Pae Thod
Fresh Fried Spring Roll (Chicken/ Prawn/ Vegetable)
Thod Man Pla
Fried Prawn Cake
Thai Satay (in Skewers)
Chicken Satay in Peanut Sauce
Pek Gai Pad Sauce
Fried Chicken Wings
Shishir Special Platter for 2
An assortment of four appetizers - chicken satay, chicken wings, veg rolls and prawn envelopes.


Gai Pad med-ma mung
stir fried chicken with cashewnut & pepper
Chicken green curry (hot)
chicken with green curry & cocunut milk
gai pad prik (hot)
stir-fired chick with green chilli and onion
sweet & sour chicken
chicken in sweet and sour sauce
panang gai
chicken with red curry & cocunut milk
gai kra dad foh
stir fried chicken in foil paper with cashewnut, green pepper & onion
gai pad king
chicken with ginger

Prawn Selection

goong shoob pang thod pad ped
fried prawn with chilli paste
goong pad pag
fried prawn with vegetables
prawn red curry
prawn red curry and coconut milk
jumbo prawn on sizzler
stir-fried jumbo prawns with spicy thai chilli herbs
goong pad prien wan
sweet & sour prawn
goong yai tho ka tiem
prawn with garlic & pepper
cho chee goong mae
stir-fried tiger prawns with thai chilli herbs on a sizzler


Ped Yang
Roasted Duck in Mild Sauce
Kaeng phed ped yang
duck with red curry and coconut mil


neau pad khing
sliced beef with mushrooms & ginger
beef red curry
beef with red curry and coconut milk
neau pad pak
fried beef with vegetables


Kuayteaw Retna gai/ goong / neau
fried noodle with chicken/ prawn/ beef


khow pad gai/ goong/ neau
fried rice with chicken/ prawn/ beef

Side Orders

fried noodles
thai fried rice
french fries
red curry sauce
prawn crackers
Pineapple fried rice
steamed rice
curry sauce
sweet & sour sauce